Two-and-a-half Boys: 5 Of Charlie’s Girlfriends We Would Like To Date (& 5 We’dn’t)

Two-and-a-half Boys: 5 Of Charlie’s Girlfriends We Would Like To Date (& 5 We’dn’t)

Charlie’s have different girlfriends during the period of Two-and-a-half Men – some we would date ourselves! People. not so much.

It has been a little while since Two and a Half Men have their best period – long ago in 2015, but followers for the tv show still love seeing reruns of the hilarious sitcom. Charlie Harper ended up being considered one of the largest womanizing figures on tv, and almost any occurrence showcased one of his true flames.

While not every relationship with big, a few of these gals happened to be actually far too advantageous to Charlie. To reminisce most of the women on this tv series – here are 5 of Charlie’s girlfriends we’d completely date, and 5 we certainly will never.

10 Would Not: Jamie Eckleberry

Jamie is spunky, smart, and completely attractive, however it looks like that the kids definitely crossed the lady in past times.

Starred by Paget Brewster, followers will remember that Charlie accustomed generate fun of her in school before she was “pretty”.

While she appears like a gorgeous woman, she demonstrably has many anger problems and a few unresolved hatred. It was entertaining to watch, but we might never ever want to see that fire inclined to ourselves.

9 Would: Lisa

Lisa, starred by Charlie Sheen’s IRL ex-wife, Denise Richards, had been certainly the flame that got away. She best appears in the 1st period, but she nevertheless stays just about the most down-to-earth, intelligent, and fiery ladies that Charlie actually outdated.

This woman was attractive, does not grab Charlie’s shenanigans, and also truly shown this lady has a cardio of silver and a huge brain to suit. We’ll always remember Lisa, therefore we’d absolutely date this sassy, funny, and intelligent bombshell.

8 Wouldn’t Normally: Courtney Leopold

Courtney had been absolutely an enjoyable figure to look at, and Jenny McCarthy definitely slew the woman character because manipulative and fiery woman. Of course, we’re simply glad that she ended up being playing Charlie and not united states.

She’s truly intelligent, and she is actually super funny, but this woman can be as hazardous as they are available, therefore we may possibly be much better to avoid their. But we’ll seriously render the woman props, and now we’re praying for just about any man she comes across.

7 Would: Myra Melnick

We are going to never forget when Charlie, again, methods out of bounds and begins to date Myra – Judith’s brand-new partner’s sister. While that’s slightly strange, followers absolutely loved this spunky and sassy personality, starred by the famous Judy Greer.

Positive, she ended up being actually involved, and got using Charlie as a final fling, but outside that, this figure may seem like a lot of fun. Plus, she’s one of the most extremely intelligent girls that Charlie is ever involved with.

6 Wouldn’t Normally: Laura Lang

This bombshell (Heather Locklear) ended up being definitely intelligent. This divorce attorney have a great head on the girl arms, and it is certainly a shame that she accustomed adjust other people and get this lady method. Enthusiasts will remember she was in fact Alan’s attorney in his splitting up, but Charlie, obviously, begun dating this lady.

After situations moved laterally, Laura revealed a pretty petty and vengeful area of herself and finished up providing Judith everything of Alan’s.

This spite and hatred is simply not things we want in a partner, and then we’re also undecided we’d want their as a divorce or separation attorney, possibly.

5 Would: Kate McLaughlin

Kate only starred in one occurrence, but she still remains one of the most down-to-earth and relatable women that Charlie dates through the series. One mummy exactly who satisfies Charlie at a soccer online game, this woman is actually honest, caring, and using lifestyle someday at any given time.

This hardworking and intelligent figure would certainly lead to a dedicated and sweet girl that any individual could be lucky to own. Plus, Liz Vassey definitely put this personality your perfectly.

4 Will Never: Rose

Let’s be honest – fans want to detest Rose, who is brilliantly starred by Melanie Lynskey. Charlie could never ever very stop this woman to the curb. It definitely will get pretty gluey, also it never truly gets better.

Flower has a huge cardio, but the tv show really never should’ve amused people as hazardous and wild that fictional character for a long time. She absolutely crossed limitations and performed some things we would prefer to avoid. After the afternoon, we might become a tiny bit afraid currently their.

3 Would: Linda Harris

Linda is another character that’s quite frankly merely too good for Charlie. While she does proper care a touch too a lot about this lady image, this woman provides work to complete, along with her hardworking and determined mindset claims miracles about the lady figure.

She is definitely the essential smart of this bunch, which judge in addition proves that she actually is pretty fiery and spunky. Plus, she is a powerful solitary mom. Whenever we were looking for a serious relationship, we might absolutely call Linda.

2 Wouldn’t Normally: Mia Adams

Before there clearly was Chelsea, there is Mia (played by Emmanuelle Vaugier). She had been literally the only real additional long-time girl during the program. Is quite sincere, followers were pretty irritated because of this girl, and then we comprise all actually sorts of grateful whenever she leftover.

She was managing, sassy, and pretty self-centered. She altered Charlie much too tough way too quickly, and by the conclusion they, she was in her very own small community, frustrating fans every where. While she had not been the worst girl having been dated by Charlie, we might rather keep this lady well away.

1 Would: Chelsea Melini

Chelsea (Jennifer Taylor) is absolutely best girlfriend of Charlie’s, and got quite seriously always too-good for him.

She very first appeared in season 6, and finished up actually getting interested to Charlie. Although it didn’t exercise in the long run, Chelsea proven it had been because she earned much better.

This wise, challenging, and beautiful girl performed very a beneficial job pulling Charlie out-of poor habits, therefore we would all like a supportive and intelligent woman like Chelsea at our part.