Pastor’s Desk

Lee Corpier [shown here with his wife, Becky] was recently certified as a Lay Minister in the East District of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church after pursuing candidacy for the last 3 years. Lee is enrolled in the Masters of Divinity program at United Theological Seminary in Ohio through the use of an Online Hybrid program that allows for graduation with 1/3 credits of face time on campus.

His previous work included working at Siemens Industry Inc. (manufacturing technology applications) as a Manufacturing Technician included work such as Lean Manufacturing and Process Analysis and Process Documentation and retention. This came on the tail end of working in the manufacturing shop building pneumatic products. Before his time at Siemens he worked at Walmart as a Department Manager.

Lee’s ministry experience comes from leading worship as liturgist biweekly at Tabor United Methodist Church in Woxall, PA for the last 3 years and preaching bi-monthly, leading a sermon-focused Sunday School group, the Worship Technology Committee, the Committee on Nominations and Leadership and serving as an advisor to Nurture-Membership Care, and serving on Administrative Council for the last 7 years.

Before starting the candidacy process for Elder’s Orders, Lee worked as a volunteer Youth Leader and the Youth Director for a total of 10 years. He has a particular talent for creative technology applications which includes sustainability and cost. Lee sees his ministry gifts for service as Spirit-directed preaching, teaching and worship.

Over the past year he has been championing small group ministry at Woxall that combines discipleship with evangelism that prevents spiritual stagnation. His experiences in a covenanted small group setting has allowed him to see redemption and growth both in faith and within his family in breaking the chain of self-destructive behaviors. Having been brought up in the Assemblies of God and then becoming a Methodist during his college years, Lee has learned that both Spiritual empowerment in continual renewal and focused use of Christian disciplines can bring a profound spiritual growth in the life of all believers.